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DATA Data simply refers to raw, unformatted information. Data can be anything from numbers through to words and can be sorted in any format where required.

DHTML Dynamic HTML is a new way of creating webpages allowing a host of other facilities and techniques to be used when developing such sites. This standard is currently being developed.

DIAL-UP This word can be used to imply the act of temporarily connecting to another computer using a modem and an ordinary telephone line, or it can describe a type of account on a UNIX host allowing limited access to its services. DIGITAL Digital simply means 1s and 0s, which are the basic building blocks of computer technology. Everything on your computer and on the Internet consists of billions and billions of 1s and 0s.

DIRECTX DirectX is an application program interface (API) for creating and managing graphic images and multimedia effects in applications such as games. The capability to 'play' DirectX applications is included as an integrated part of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 web browser. DNS Domain Name Server or Domain Name System. This convert an address such as into IP ( Internet Protocol) number, such as

DOMAIN NAME The domain name is the official Internet name for a computer connected to the Internet. Your e-mail address usually comprises of your user id and the domain name of your ISP's computer, separated by the @ symbol

DOWNLOAD To download is the act of copying files from one computer or "remote host" to your own computer, usually through FTP.

DYNAMIC HTML Dynamic HTML is a collective term for a combination of new Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags and options, style sheets, and programming that will let you create web pages that are more animated and responsive to user interaction than previous versions of HTML. Much of dynamic HTML is specified in HTML 4.0 Dynamic HTML can allow web documents to look and act like desktop applications or multimedia productions E-MAIL Electronic Mail or e-mail involves sending electronic correspondence from one computer to another over a network or the Internet.

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